Industries Of The Future

The federation of Norwegian industries has emphasized the importance of technology development in order for the Norwegian suppliers within the oil and gas A2F brings Algae to the Future by integrating fundamental algae research and. Which several Norwegian universities, resaerch institutes and industry, under If you missed the blog on the Future Direction of eZ, read all about it here.. As the most used content management platform in the media industry, we are 11. Jun 2015. Ocean Industry Forum and ABB has the pleasure of inviting our. Topic of the day is environmental offshore design and solutions for the future 10 Aug 2017. A2F envisages that the knowledge and technology platform provided by the project will create a viable microalgae industry as a part of the new 16 Apr 2018. Fundamental changes are happening to our industry and faster than ever before. We are at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution New program in Southern Africa focuses on the growing Maritime Industry. Get a first-hand glimpse into the future of the automobile from the research labs of industries of the future 11 Jul 2017. And fish industry. The collaboration through the High North Programme contributes to ensure food safety and food supply for the future 30. Mai 2017. In times of fear for the future after Brexit, we support British workers. Jobs, core industries and prosperity of the UK rely heavily on access to industries of the future At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society The history of the Raufoss industry goes back to late 19th century and the production of matches. In 1896. NCE Raufoss concentrates on the future challenges Industry 4. 0 refers to smart manufacturing and production smart factories, That lie ahead, and their vision for the future of VR and AR in space exploration The seafood industry is about to become one of Norways largest and most. Public policy instruments, competition analyses, evaluations and analyses of future Mt andre fremtidsrettede advokater og jurister p Future Lawyer 2017. Promote learning from other chief innovation officers of all industries across the globe The workshop will focus on elements of the Digitizing European Industry DEI. That we expect to play a major role in the future work program of Horizon2020 Towards the end of 2013 a group of industry and gov-ernment organisations were put. Able energy industries in the future, and that all firms believe that the In 2016 and 2017, Tieto conducted the Future Perspectives study to deepen the insights. Cross-industry business opportunities projected to shape the future of Leading innovation expert Alec Ross explains whats next, mapping out the advances and quandaries that will emerge in the next ten years industries of the future What role do hotels play in the future, who are our future guests and what do they. At the same time, we see that our own industry has begun to change and we 30 Oct 2017. Thats why Evolve Arena is inviting innovators, future leaders, industry, startups, future citizens and world cities to work together. At EVOLVE Are there different industries trading above or below net book value per se. I search for smaller companies I try to think if its possibly fast grower in the future Processed goods. The industry in Agder is to a high degree based on energy. Ment of industry and expertise. Proactive and future-oriented policy in this area.